Cardedeu - Bicicleda

Cardedeu - Bicicleda

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Design, manufacture and installation of a closure in the Plaza Joan Alsina de Cardedeu (Barcelona).

In this installation, it was required to make a personalized closure with access through a mobile application. The facility consists of two areas, one for rotating users, users who use the parking lot for a short time, and an area for long-term users, it is for users who have their fixed place assigned and where they can leave their bicycle parked for a period long time.

The parking lot is planned with a video surveillance system with a camera that records 24 hours a day.

Two models of our bicycle parking systems were installed inside, the Two Levels model and the Vela model. With the Two Levels model it allows you to optimize space by placing two bicycles at different levels and with the Vela model it allows you to fix the bike easily and very quickly.

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