About us


SEMAB PROJECTS is a company who has developed different innovative solutions for cyclists specialized in providing a wide range cycle parking solutions focused on, security, quality, design, innovation and sustainability.

Every cycling trip ends with a parked bicycle; thus this is a significant factor in promoting cycling. Without bicycle parking, lots of parked bicycles are stolen and quickly become a mess that makes the city hard to access for pedestrians.

Please take a look at our website: www.semabprojects.com/en/

Our aim is to give solutions for storage bikes with a system that provides:

  • High Security: all our parking solutions secure: the bike frame, wheels and seat. The user does not need to carry any sort of locking device (padlock, chains) with them, protecting cycles from vandalism.
  • Maximize space: due to their innovative designs and our work under project we guarantee the maximization of the space available.
  • Locking systems: powered by coin, key or programmable card to ensure the solutions are attractive-looking and functional.
  • Customizable: personalize by colour and we can put the logo of the administration, city council or the organization.
  • Design for everyone: fits all kind of bikes of any size
  • Aesthetics and design: integrated with the environment, making bicycle parking part of a city's design expression
  • No maintenance costs: free of maintenance costs
  • Easy installation: they can be set up anywhere, straightforward so do not require any special installation service. Once it is assembled/installed it is impossible to disassembled/take out/remove.
  • Weather resistance: resistant to outdoor conditions. It has the same quality as exterior/outdoor architecture.
  • European Insurance: in case of theft, we have an optional insurance thatwill pay 500€ for the stolen bike.